What is pain

Di hari pertama dan kedua lebaran, banyak yg tanya soal lari. Most common statement is “Gue ngak kuat lari. Rasanya sakit”. So let’s talk about #Pain

Truth is, #Pain is by product of a good training.

If you exercise but have never feel the #pain. Then your body is not learning and adjusting. You are still moving within your comfort zone. #Pain is your ticket to go the next level.

Only thru hard working exercise (read: pain) you’ll go to the next level. Be it, faster speed, longer endurance, or harder power.

Tapi tolong di catat, #pain tidak sama dengan injury / cidera.

#Pain bisa di identifikasikan dengan. Otot pegel-pegel. Nafas ngos-ngosan. Capek. Those are normal. Specially for beginners.

So, if yesterday you run 10 min and feel the pain. And prior this run you were a couch potato. Thus this #pain is you body trying to adjust to a new game. Don’t let #pain discourage your self. Be friends with #pain. Remember the saying “no pain, no gain” ? This applied to running and other exercise as well.

Keep up the pain. Mari Lari …

Credits: Reza Puspo